Store Credits is another form of payment option made available to our registered customers. In order to use store credits to make a payment, registered customers must purchase the credit in advance. Store credits do not have any expiration date and can be used just like any other payment methods.

Benefits of Using Store Credits

  • Enjoy a regular discount of 10% when you pay for your purchase using store credits.
  • Enjoy special promotions during festive or special occasions.

How To Buy Store Credits

  1. Go to
  2. Purchase the required store credit by adding them to your shopping cart.
  3. Checkout and pay for the Credits.

How To Pay For An Order Using Store Credits?

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have sufficient store credits in your account.

Shop as usual and you will be able to choose “Pay with Store Credits” during checkout. If you do not see this option, please double check your store credit balance.

NOTE: Store credits can only be used by registered and logged-in customers. If you have yet to sign up for an account, do sign up here. You can check your remaining balance at “My Store Credits”.


How To Check My Store Credit Balance?

Log in and go to to check your balance.

I tried to purchase Store Credits together with other products but I do not see the “Pay with Store Credits” option during checkout?

Store Credits cannot be purchased together with other products. Please purchase Store Credits first before making a separate purchase for other products.

I bought some Store Credits but still do not see them in my Store Credit balance?

Your purchase of Store Credits will be processed and credited into your account within one business day.

Why should I pay with Store Credits?

You’ll enjoy a minimum discount of 10% off your shopping cart.

I tried to buy some store credits but was shown an error message “You cannot deposit funds without an active account.”

Please sign in if you have already registered an account with us before or sign up for a new account here.

If I do not have sufficient store credit in my account to pay for my shopping cart total, can I pay the difference using other forms of payment such as Paypal?

No. You must have sufficient credits in your account to pay for the shopping cart total. The “Pay using Store Credit” option will not be available if you do not have sufficient credits to pay for your cart total.

What happens to my store credit if I did not fully utilize it during my purchase?

There is no expiry date for your store credit. You can use it for your future purchases. If your store credit balance is insufficient for your next purchase, you need to top up so that you can pay for your next purchase using store credit. Please note that the platform does not support combine payment using store credit and other forms of payment.